January Book of the Month: ESV Study Bible

Hello Friends!

Do you remember the post I did back in December? I told you all I was going to be buying a christian book a month and using it in my devotions. For January I bought myself a new bible because mine was falling apart and I wanted an “adult” bible. I was tired of the light notes in my teen bible and wanted more depth. I chose the  ESV Study Bible, Personal Edition because my youth leaders wife had recommended it to me and I already knew I liked the ESV translation. I felt it was accurate and easier to read but It was still true to the original meaning.

As for the bible itself, the cover is sturdy. However, the words are very tiny. If you have trouble with that, I recommend getting the regular one or even the large print.  The personal size is fairly light but it still contains all the information you could ever want. There is cross referencing, study notes, maps, etc. I find the study notes helpful because they are mostly objective and just explaining what words mean or explaining context.

I will be back soon with a review on Crazy Love by Francis Chan.




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