About Me

Me B&W

Hello friends!

In case you weren’t aware – I am Jessica Amy. THE one and only. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance. I am {Almost} 16 years old. I am in 11th grade, cyber schooled, and coaching gymnastics at my YMCA. Not only am I these things but I am also a daughter of the King. That King being God. Through this blog I hope to encourage, grow, and comfort.

If you are interested in following me on social media – I can be found here:

                            Pinterest – Oh how I love pinterest! Seriously the best. I am addicted!

                            Instagram – This is my “Tone It Up” Instagram-  Fitness related.

Facebook – I will keep you updated on new posts from the blog and share bible verses and quotes.

If you don’t know what tone it up is and you are looking to slim down or just build muscle – definitely go check it out! It is such a wonderful group of inspirational ladies {{http://www.toneitup.com}}

My hope is that I am in some way an encouragement to you.




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